Episode 60: Santa’s Salmonella

For a special holiday treat, we’re going to explore two tales of salmonella disease detectives — the first about Mary Mallon (“Typhoid Mary”) and the birth of a new genre; and the second about a mysterious salmonella outbreak at Massachusetts General Hospital solved with the assistance of a very jolly […]

Episode 59: Cry of the Suffering Organs

Diagnosis is arguably the most important job of a physician. But what does it actually mean to make a diagnosis? In this episode, we’ll explore this question by tracking the development of the “classical” model of diagnosis and pathological anatomy and discussing three cases over three hundred years. Along the […]

Episode 58: The Original (Antigenic) Sin

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the racial health disparities in the United States, with markedly increased mortality especially among Blacks and Native Americans. In this episode, Tony Breu and I will discuss the conception of race, racism, and the social determinants of health through three historic plagues in the United […]