Adam Rodman (creator and host). Like he says every episode, Adam actually is a doctor — an academic global health hospitalist who splits his time between Boston and Botswana — and doesn’t just play one on the internet. He’s not exactly the most science-y person: he studied history in college, worked as an editor at his college newspaper, and even managed to sneak in a rotation at ABC News during his residency. He has lived on both coasts, the deep south, the regular south, Africa, and Asia, and gets into nature as often as possible. He can be found on Twitter @AdamRodmanMD.

Cameron Steele (producer). As he obliquely mentions in some episodes, Cameron is currently a medical student in Oklahoma. He studied anthropology and biology in college. He once traveled to the White House and swindled Joe Biden out of a pair of cufflinks, and so he is nearly always the champion of the ubiquitously hated icebreaker called “two truths and a lie.” He likes to make believe that when he takes his student hat off he has time for hobbies like running, making things with wood, and reading Westworld fan theories. An old soul, he still hasn’t figured out how to use the Twitter machine.