Episode 6: The Number Needed to Treat

[soundcloud_ultimate track=] In this episode of Bedside Rounds, we discuss how risks and benefits are communicated by scientists and physicians, and why those numbers you see in advertisements and newspapers might not be the clearest way to express risk. I’m looking at a newspaper ad from 2009 for Lipitor right […]

Episode 5: Beachside Rounds

[soundcloud_ultimate track=] In Episode 5, I present Beachside Rounds, a fun activity for the whole family this summer, and a brief introduction into interesting physical exam findings. The Tetris effect, according to my expert consultant Dr. Wikipedia, occurs when people devote so much time and attention to an activity that […]

Episode 1: Frank’s Sign

[soundcloud_ultimate track=] Episode 1 of Bedside Rounds (which was untitled at this point), in which we use the physical exam to solve a 2000 year-old medical mystery, and learn a little about biostatistics in the process. Our story starts, as all good stories do, with a paleopathological mystery – the […]